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  • What is an escape room?
    Think of them as fun, safe challenges with physical and mental components. Your goal is to “escape” a room by searching it for clues, keys, or special items and then using them to solve puzzles for codes that open locked doors. Typically, they're played with small teams comprised of friends, family, and co-workers and you're given one hour to escape. Escape rooms shine the brightest when they're designed with unique themes and clever puzzles that immerse you into the story and leave you feeling triumphant when you complete them.
  • Four Seater Escapes (FSE) is an online escape game. What are the benefits of playing online?
    FSE offers MANY advantages over physical escape rooms at brick-and-mortar locations: 1. No appointments needed! Play with anyone, anywhere, anytime. 2. Save money! There’s less overhead with FSE, so the savings are passed to you. Our games cost 50% less than most physical escape rooms. 3. Generous time limit! Most physical companies limit your escape time to 60 minutes, then the game stops, whether your team is finished or not. Four Seater Escapes gives you access to your room for seven days! Take your time, pause for a snack, a bathroom break, or even a vacation, and then resume your escape! 4. No claustrophobia! Although escape rooms are safe, some potential players never get to experience them due to the feeling of claustrophobia. FSE allows you to play our rooms from the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose. 5. No strange germs! Physical escape rooms require searching for clues and opening locks. In other words, you’re touching everything in the room. . . as did all the players before you. While good business owners take great caution to sanitize their rooms, you can avoid any and all risk by playing in the safety of your own home.
  • Why FSE? What makes you special from other online escape games?
    FSE offers MANY advantages over physical escape rooms at brick-and-mortar locations: 1. Strong Story-Based Rooms. The best escape rooms immerse you in a story that unravels as you play through it. Every game on our site has been written, paced, and designed by dark thriller author, Bill Halpin. 2. Beautiful Illustrations. Every FSE room includes original artwork by professional artists from across the world. 3. Puzzle-Packed Games. FSE games are play-tested by experienced escape room players for fun, quality, and challenge. We aim for our rooms to take 1-2+ hours to complete, depending on your group size, skill, and amount of hints used. 4. Multiple Endings. The choices you make in the game (and whether you solve certain puzzles correctly) will result in different endings. Some good. . . some perhaps not so good. No matter what ending you earn, you'll have a complete escape room experience. However, if you get a bad ending, you can instantly restart from a "checkpoint" and try again. You have access to each room for seven days and can play as many times as you want within that access period. 5. Passion. The creators of FSE are escape room players. We strive to present unique, fun, and quality rooms. We build them from the ground up. If they don't meet our standards, they don't get made.
  • What do I need to get started and play?
    First, you must create an account on our website. Then, you'll be able to purchase game access. Each purchase gives you access to that particular game for seven (7) days. You'll be able to begin playing your escape room immediately. All FSE games are browser based, so you'll need internet access and a device to play on. For the best experience, we recommend using a laptop or PC. Recommended items are: Scratch Paper and Pen/Pencil. Take notes, sketch out and solve puzzles, and record passcodes and Action Words. Calculator. Our games may include some basic math-based puzzles. Timer/Stopwatch. There is no in-game timer at this point. If you're a player or group who likes to record your time, it will have to be done manually. Video Chat Software/Apps. Needed to play online remotely with friends, family, or co-workers.
  • How many players can be in a group?
    Technically, unlimited. However, an ideal group size is anywhere between 2-6 players. We recommend not going higher than 8 players. In most escape rooms, communication is key. If there are too many players, you could find yourselves talking over one another, which might become more distracting than fun. If you're a lone wolf, our games are perfectly suited for solo players as well.
  • What devices can I play on?
    FSE escape games are best played on and optimized for a personal computer or laptop. This is mainly due to the larger screen size and ease of using a mouse and keyboard to navigate and input passcodes. However, our games have been built with touch-screen capabilities and thus can also be played on tablets and mobile phones. All of our games are browser-based, so you will need a device with internet connection.
  • How long is each escape game?
    The short answer: approximately 1.5-2 hours. The longer answer: play time is largely dependent on your team’s problem-solving abilities and escape room experience. We give you seven days to complete the game, so play times could be even longer if you have breaks. Ultimately, take your time and enjoy the story and puzzles. Hints are built into each game, but are only given if you want them. Hints begin vague and then get more specific until finally you are given the solution. Theoretically, you could finish the game in under two minutes if you use the hints to immediately solve all the puzzles, but that's no fun!
  • Are there any “Game Masters?”
    Nope! We’ve created the games to be entirely self-guided! If you're unfamiliar with Game Masters, they're basically the employees at the escape rooms that book your appointment and set up your room. They start and stop your time, observe you while you play, and give out hints whenever you are stuck and need help. With FSE games, no appointment is necessary, no timer is needed, and hints are always built into the game so that you will never get stuck without "help."
  • How many hints do we get?
    Unlimited! You will see the hint button (?) at the bottom of every puzzle page. Clicking on it will take you to a hint section. The hints start very vague and then get more specific until finally you can choose to see the solution. Obviously, we recommend using as few hints as possible, but rest assured they will always be there if you ever get stumped.
  • Are there multiple endings?
    Yes! Unlike most physical escape rooms, there are multiple endings to each room. No matter the ending, you will play through the vast majority of the game. Sometimes, getting the “best” ending requires completion of an additional puzzle. Sometimes, it’s getting the final puzzle correct. Remember, you are able to play through the game as many times as you'd like. Each ending has unique artwork, so we recommend trying to find them all.
  • How do I play remotely with friends, family, or co-workers?
    We recommend using your favorite video chat software or apps. There are plenty of them out there and many are free. Remember, purchasing a FSE escape game gives you access to that game for one week. Ensure that your entire group is aware of this and makes their purchase within the same window of time.
  • What video chat software do you recommend?
    Short answer: Skype. Their free version allows for a group video call up to four hours. Long answer: There's plenty of great software and apps, but many with limitations. Zoom, for example, has a free version, but it limits your group video call to 45 minutes. That typically isn't enough time to complete the room. However, whenever your 45 minutes are up, you can simply restart the call (and re-invite the participants) and get another 45 minutes. You can repeat this as much as necessary, although it is a bit annoying. *Of course, if anyone in your group has a paid version of Zoom or a similar program, that often gives you unlimited time. Please note that FSE is not affiliated with any of these companies. Their time limits and pricing may change without us knowing, so please let us know if any of this information is out of date or if you have a different preferred video chat software.
  • Does every player need their own account and to buy their own access?
    Separate accounts are highly recommended, but not required. When each player has their own account, they are able to "explore" the room independently, finding different things and communicating clues, much like you would in a physical escape room. Yes, this does mean separate purchases, but trust us that it will enhance the experience. One alternative is to share your computer screen. If you have 2-3 people together in the same place, you could crowd around the same physical screen. If you have people in your group playing remotely, most video chat software allows a user to share their screen with everyone. The downside of this, again, is that you'll have multiple people at the mercy of the one person controlling the game. It would be like doing an escape room where the entire group is chained together and only one person can interact with the environment. Ultimately, of course, it's your choice! Play the way that suits your playstyle and fits your team's budget.
  • What is the price of a FSE Escape Game?
    Currently, our escape games are in a promotional phase and range between $8.99 and $9.99. Purchasing a game gives the account holder access to that game for seven (7) days.
  • Why are your games different prices?
    We set the prices based upon the game size, amount of puzzles, and average length of completion time. Feral Cabin is a bit on the larger size, with some teams reporting over two and a half hours completion time. As of yet, no team has completed Dark Web Mystery Box in under an hour, but it does average a shorter play time in comparison to Feral Cabin. We set the price a little lower to reflect this.
  • How long do I have to play a game after purchase?
    A game purchase gives you access to that particular game for seven (7) days. This will be more than enough time to complete any game, as they are designed to resemble physical escape rooms, which are typically completed under two hours.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Purchases can be made with major credit cards, Paypal, or Four Seater Escape gift cards.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on any game purchase. This policy is set in place to prevent abuse, as our escape room games are designed to be completed in just a few hours. Some larger online game storefronts allow refunds within 2 hours of purchase, for any reason. This has negatively affected developers of small, independent games that are designed to be completed in a short time. Someone could buy the game, complete it under two hours, and then get refunded for it. Thank you for understanding.
  • How scary are your games? How violent?
    This is a very subjective question and there’s no easy way to quantify scariness or violence. Every game is different, so we have included trigger warnings (to the best of our ability) for each one. Please note that there is ZERO sexual violence or frontal nudity in our games (although you might see a butt cheek).
  • My child is “X” years old, is he or she old enough to play an FSE game?
    This is another very subjective question and it is difficult to give a generic answer. As far as difficulty, some puzzles can be challenging without an adult present. Then again, hints and solutions are easily available for any player that wants them. As far as content material, each game description will include trigger warnings (if applicable) so that you can decide for yourself and your child. For the record, there is no sexual violence or frontal nudity in our games. If you have specific questions, please reach out. Our team tries to be very responsive.
  • Game Interface Introduction
    Our games are designed with a very user-friendly interface. Game pages consist of four primary elements: Illustration Description Text Navigation Buttons Settings
  • Navigating through the Room
    Exploring the room is straight-forward. All navigation is done using the buttons. Simply touch or click the button that describes where you want to move or what you want to look at. For the record, there are never any hidden buttons or clickable areas.
  • Do I need to click on the illustrations?
    No, but they often contain vital information. The illustrations are necessary to gather clues, solve puzzles, and complete the game. You will often need to look at the illustrations, but you will NEVER need to click on them. To be clear, there are NEVER any hidden buttons or clickable areas in the illustrations. Some other companies have them, but we want you engaged in the story, not spending hours clicking on every single pixel.
  • Zoom
    A zoom function is available in game, if needed, to more closely examine the illustrations. There are three ways that you can can zoom: 1. Scrolling the mouse wheel 2. Pinching the screen in/out 3. Using the Up/Down arrows on the keyboard. This is not a "hidden picture" game. No clues were intentionally designed to be microscopic and require intense zooming. However, some clues may be bit small or subtle. Whether you're using a small screen or your eyesight requires a bit of help, the zoom is available whenever needed.
  • Entering Passcodes
    Throughout the game, you'll encounter locked doors and containers that require a code to open. The type of code needed will be clearly indicated in the description. The codes may be numbers or letters. For example: Any page with a locked item will have an input field and by default will read: "Enter Code" Once you think you've determined the correct code, type it into the input field and hit [Enter] or click [Attempt]. If the solution was correct, the lock will open and the screen will advance. If it is incorrect, you will hear an error sound and/or nothing will happen. You will have to try again or keep exploring.
  • Action Words?
    During gameplay, you'll discover useable items, such as keys or tools, that may be needed to advance. Since this is a virtual escape game and you can't physically carry the items, we've adapted a simple method to use them: [ACTION WORDS]. Whenever you discover a useable item, you will be given its Action Word. Think of them like passwords. Write them down! Any object that requires a key or tool will have instructions to enter the appropriate [ACTION WORD]. By default, the input field will read: "Enter Action Word." Simply type the correct Action Word into the appropriate input field, just as you would a passcode, as described above. In this example, you would type "REDSLICER" below in order to use the knife. If you're correct, the game will advance. If you tried to use an incorrect item, you will hear an error sound and/or nothing will happen. You will have to try again or keep exploring.
  • Hints and Solutions
    If, at any point, you become stuck in the game, you have instant access to unlimited clues and solutions. Click the "? Button" that appears below every puzzle. *This button only appears on pages with a Passcode/Action Word input field. This button will redirect you to that puzzle's hint page. The page is set-up to give you hints, one at a time. They start vague at first and then get more specific until finally you can choose to reveal the solution. *There is no limit to hints/solutions, nor is there any penalty. However, we suggest that you use them sparingly in order to enjoy each Four Seater Escape game to the fullest.
  • Music and Sound
    The background music and sound effects can be toggled on or off, independently, by clicking the appropriate buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • Full-Screen Mode
    Click on the [Full-Screen Button] to toggle the full-screen on and off. Please note: The game may initially load a bit "off-center" in your browser. Don't panic. This should correct itself once you click on any navigation button. Going full-screen will also center it. You may need to click on a button before the game centers itself in full-screen mode.
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