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A quartet of friends and a broken down blue car. That’s the essence of FSE. Four gamers from across North America spent countless nights online playing Friday the 13th: The Game. We grew close, found out that we shared many of the same passions (including escape rooms), and ultimately decided to start this business venture together. Our name and logo is a tribute to the four door sedan used to escape Jason Voorhees.

FSE Skeletons x 4 no moon RGB.png

Meet the Founders


Lindi Halpin

Co-Founder/ Marketing Manager

billy fse (2).PNG

Bill Halpin

Founder/ Game Writer and Designer

Bill is a published horror author and passionate escape room player. For years, he dreamed about merging these two genres and now he couldn’t be happier to finally bring this passion project to reality.


Scott Allison

Co-Founder/ Web Designer

rob 2_edited_edited.jpg

Rob Larson

Co-Founder/ Web Designer

Rob is lifelong horror movie fan and voted most likely to be a Game Show host by his class.

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